How do you get your glow back after your skins been under the weather?

It's a question I asked myself after dealing with a particularily nasty cold I caught during the holidays. 3 pots of chicken soup later, feeling much better, I got to work on some things that can revive your skin during the harsh winter months.

You know the feeling.... your nose is chapped, your lips are chapped, those dry patches on your face (cause you've been outside in the elements). 

Lets Talk.

Change To Winter Skincare

Change is good. Why do I say that? Because changing your skin care seasonally is the way to get the best results from your products. Here's an example. You know that light, airy moisturizer you used during the warmer months? Put it down. Instead pick up a product that will not only protect your skin from environmental damage, it will lock moisture in. 

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

That's where shea butter comes in. It sinks into your skin without a trace. Shea butter is abundant with healing properties, is rich in fatty acids, skin nourishing vitamins and is soothing to the skin.

Use a Moisturizing Face Mask

When you're prepping for you're #selfcaresunday ritual pick a hydrating mask.

Look for ingredients like milk and collagen that retain moisture.

I know that lot's of you guys are totally doing this now cause you're loving my self care kits this year, both the facials and energy cleansing bath kits.

(If you don't have a self care ritual the first of the year is the perfect time to start)

Use What's In The Kitchen Cabinet

Need a little inspo? 

I shot a quick video (my directorial debut) for D & D Insider emag

of a DIY face mask you can make with a few (and I do mean a few) pantry staples. If you're not in the insiders club, hit the black bar at the top of the

page to join and get access to this months issue!

Here's 5 More Tips To Get Your Skin Through The Winter 

  1. Choose a hydrating cleanser
  2. Exfoliate to remove dead cells
  3. Take shorter, cooler showers
  4. Apply body oil while still damp
  5. Apply an antioxidant face serum

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Stay Beautiful