Are you skipping this step in your skin care routine because you're not really sure what they do or how to use them?  Why should you use a face toner after cleansing your face? Well here's the deal. 

What They Do:

★Remove that last bit of makeup, oil and dirt that's clogging your pores, causing bacteria and breakouts. 

★Adding hydration to help ease parched skin. If you're suffering from dry skin avoid toners that contain alcohol, which  actually causes dryness.

★Balance skin that has been that has been been exposed to environmental pollutants, stripped by using harsh cleansers.

★Got fussy skin that suffers from irritation and redness? Seek out soothing ingredients that calm the skin

The trick is to pick the toner that best suits your skin goals. Look for ingredient superstars that help make your complexion clearer and brighter! 

I've formulated a line of toners that provide you with a luxuriously simple way to maintain an even, blemish free, dewy soft complexion.

These blends contain hydrosols, which are basically waters infused with flowers, plants, herbs and the like. I use these because of the benefits they impart to your skin. They are all alcohol free and I've added a touch of collagen rich vegetable glycerin that cleanses, moisturizes and leaves your skin feeling extra soft!

These Toners Multi Task:

These plant based elixirs are a powerhouse of skin loving elements that can be used in several ways.

♥After your cleansing step, dab your toner on with a cotton ball

♥Use instead of water to mix into your favorite facial mask blend and reap all the benefits they impart. 

♥Pop these beauties in the fridge to cool and refresh & hydrate your skin on during a summer scorcher.

♥These smell great! Aromatherapy is a great stress reliever!

Meet The Lineup:

Manuka Honey & Vanilla Toner & Mask Liquid

Both vanilla and manuka honey are legendary for the beneficial qualities they impart to skin.  Get your combination skin balanced and beautiful with this vanilla toner and complexion water. This aromatic water helps to reduce inflammation, repair, tone and hydrate skin. This gently healing, moisturizing hydrosol will leave skin smooth, moisturized and refreshed. The lightly sweet smell of natural vanilla and will leave skin dewy soft.


  ➽ Reduce Inflammation

  ➽ Promotes healing

  ➽ Aids in Repair

  ➽ Balances

  ➽ Hydrates

  ➽ Moisturizing

 Try mixing this toner with these face masks:

 ★Flawless Turmeric or Golden Milk Jelly Mask

 ★Banana Cream Pie Jelly Mask

Rosewater & Manuka Honey Toner & Mask Liquid

Both rosewater and manuka honey are legendary for the beneficial qualities they impart to skin.  Helps revive damaged skin. Offers gentle exfoliation to reveal fresher, healthier cells.

Great for balancing skin from normal to oily. This hydrosol is alcohol free, naturally astringent, possesses antifungal and antimicrobial properties good for acne prone skin.


  ➽ Alcohol free astringent

  ➽ Promotes healing

  ➽ Helps fade scars

  ➽ Remove dirt & oil

  ➽ Hydrates

  ➽ Acne fighter

 Try mixing this toner with these face masks:

 ★Rose Petals & Honey Jam

 ★Goat's Milk & Manuks Honey

Flower Power Toner & Mask Liquid

This antioxidant rich beauty does it all! Jasmin smells heavenly, but did you know that it soothes, hydrates, balances and protects skin. It benefits all types of skin form sensitive to acne prone. It has antibacterial properties that fend off acne causing bacteria. This trio of beneficial flower essences include elderflower and calendula to help calm, repair and restore the skins natural ability to protect itself.


  ➽ Soothing

  ➽ Repair & Restore

  ➽ Protects

  ➽ Antioxidant Rich

  ➽ Hydrates

  ➽ Acne fighter

Try mixing this toner with these face masks:

 ★9th Wonder

 ★Vanilla Smoothie

Toner & Mask Skincare Sets:


Face Masks

Need some help figuring out which toner blend is right for you?

Drop your questions below.