This earth is teaming with beneficial stuff that's great for your skin.

Here are four reasons mud masks should be on the top of your list of skincare must haves:

Dead sea mud benefits for skin

This iconic spa treatment has had people flocking to the  dead sea for it's restorative properties for ages.  Use it regularly as a  facial mask or body treatment to detoxify congested skin and achieve a  healthy, glowing complexion.


➽ Mineral, nutrient and trace element rich to nourish & balance skin

➽ Deep clean, detoxify and minimize pores

➽ Enhances skins ability to retain moisture

➽ Exfoliates and leaves skin soft & smooth

➽ Nourishes thinning, weak hair 

So go ahead, slather yourself in mud. Your skin will thank you for it!

Sources: Heealthline